Outcome of Single Dose Prophylactic Antibiotic in Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery



It has been well documented that administering a prophylactic antibiotic brings down the rate of postoperative wound infection very strikingly in carpal tunnel release (CTR) surgery. Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is definitely a compressive neuropathy of the upper limbs, which is both benign and frequent. The study objective was to determine the postoperative wound infection rate in carpal tunnel release surgery after having administered a single dose of a prophylactic antibiotic.


This cross-sectional study was carried out at the department of Neurosurgery, Dammam Medical Complex-Saudi Arabia. The study was based on 122 patients who were operated for carpal tunnel release procedures at the centre. Pre-operatively all patients were subjected to nerve conduction studies (NCS) to document CTS as the definitive diagnosis. As a routine, every patient was administered intravenous loading dose of cefuroxime (1.5g) at least 1 hour prior to surgery. All patients were treated as day care cases and were discharged after a few hours of surgery. On discharge, no further antibiotics were administered. Their wounds were examined at three, ten and fourteen days. Suture removal was performed on the fourteenth postoperative day.


Superficial redness over the site of incision was noted in three of the patients and wound infection in two others. These two patients improved with oral antibiotics. Not a single patient needed re-exploration.


The current study showed that this is an efficacious and a very safe protocol to follow. Assuming the fact that the incidence of surgical site infection (SSI) in CTR surgery is low, the results were not different when compared to the results from other centres.


Prophylactic/Prophylaxis; Antibiotics; Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery; Infection; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.


Volume 9 Issue-2 2020
DOI https://doi.org/10.36283/PJMD9-2/004
Publisher Name Ziauddin University
  • Inayat Ali Khan
    • Department of Neurosurgery, Dammam Medical Complex, Dammam, Saudi Arabia.