The editorial team of the Pakistan Journal of Medicine and Dentistry (PJMD) is committed to maintaining high standards and integrity of published scientific content. PJMD follows/perceives the ICMJE, PMDC, and HEC plagiarism policy for all types of plagiarism. For this purpose, the Plagiarism policy of PJMD will be applied while handling the manuscripts to determine the originality of the manuscripts

Turnitin software is used for screening of submitted manuscripts and similarity index (SI) <16%  according to HEC and Ziauddin University plagiarism policyThe journal does not entertain plagiarism like unacknowledged/unappreciated copying or an attempt to misleading perception of original work, whether of ideas, text, results, images or figures. Text recycling, the reuse of parts of text from an author’s previous research publication (self-plagiarism) or of others work without appropriate attribution and no citation to the other research work will also considered plagiarized. PJMD does not consider such manuscripts for publication. 

The disciplinary committee of PJMD comprise of the editorial board and the Editor in Chief will deals with cases of plagiarism or publication misconduct . the journal will contact the authors’ institutions, funders, appropriate bodies for necessary actions. On confirmation of misconduct correction or retraction of the publication will be done.